How to Remove Window Tint From Car Windows

Window films of high quality can offer many benefits to your vehicle. Window tinting can be used for many reasons, including blocking UV rays, providing more privacy to you and your passengers, or giving your car’s windows an updated look. There are certain instances where window tint may need to be removed.

There are many reasons to remove the tint you currently have. Whether you previously purchased a film of low quality and now pay for it, or you want to upgrade to a more modern, innovative film, you may wish to do so. However, the removal process can be a hassle, particularly if you try to do it yourself.

M Tint can help you whether you choose to DIY or hire a professional. Our guide on How to Remove Window Tint From Car Windows will show you how to do it yourself and why you should stick with professionals.

DIY Installation vs Professional Installation

If you don’t have any experience with window tint films, you should let a professional remove the tint from your car windows. It will save you time and effort. Removing tint from your car can be a huge project, particularly if it is on multiple windows. It takes a lot more time and effort. A window tint removal service can be a more convenient alternative.

The possibility of damaging your car is perhaps the most important reason to consider hiring a professional for window tint removal. The window underneath the film you’re removing may not seem to be a big deal, but it is. The process of removing the window tint could easily damage your car’s glass if it’s not done correctly.

Window tint services can help you select and install new window films in addition to removing the old ones. It is even more convenient to use the same service for both the removal of your old window tint and the installation of the new one if you plan to upgrade to a better-quality tint. Many window tint companies offer discounts on window tint removal when you plan to install new films.

Safety is the final reason you might want to reconsider removing window tint by yourself. Working with razor blades or other sharp objects can be dangerous. There is also a lot of dust and debris produced when removing window tint. Wearing protective gear like safety gloves, safety glasses, and a mask is important.

We don’t mean to discourage you from trying new things, but if you have the talent and appreciate that kind of work, then DIY may be an option for you. Most people will find that working with a window tinting service is the best way to remove their old window film.

how to remove window tint

An Overview of How to Remove Window Tint

It is important to use the correct process if you are going to remove the window tint on your car yourself. Here is a list of the best practices to remove window film.

1. Tools and Equipment

You’ll want to have the correct tools before you begin removing window tinting. You will need the following tools to remove window tinting from your car:

  • Heat gun
  • Razor blade
  • Scraper
  • Spray Bottle
  • Cleaning Solution
  • Face mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety gloves

Make sure you have all the supplies before starting your project.

2. Prepare the area

After you have collected all the necessary tools and materials, you need to prepare the space where you plan to work. It is best to remove window tint in an area with good ventilation. This could be an open garage or an outdoor space.

It’s a great idea to use tarps and plastic sheets around your car after you finish cleaning it. This will help the process go faster. Cover the interior of your car to avoid damage and mess.

Be sure to wear all your safety equipment before starting. You will need a facemask, safety glasses, and gloves to protect your hands and eyes from chemicals and debris.

3. Heat the Film

Window tint is adhered to the car window with an adhesive layer. The first step is to loosen this adhesive. To loosen adhesive, a heat gun and fabric steamer are the best tools to use. If you don’t own these tools, you can also use a regular hair dryer. However, even at the highest setting, it will take much longer to work.

Place your heat gun/steamer/hair dryer a few inch away from your window. The process may take several minutes but eventually, you will notice that the edges of your tint film are curling. You can now move on to the next step.

4. The Film Lifted

You can gently peel away the film with a razor or scraper once the edge starts curling away from the glass. Peel the film slowly and a little bit at a time. You could damage your car window or cut yourself if you rush through this step.

5. Remove Adhesive Residue

After you have removed the window tint from your car window, it is likely that there will still be some adhesive residue on the glass. Use an adhesive remover, such as ammonia, isopropyl, or nail varnish remover, to remove this residue. In a pinch soapy water may work, but you will need to spend more time and scrub.

6. Cleaning Windows

Cleaning your window is the final step. You should also remove any residue left behind after using an adhesive remover.

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Tint Removal Cost

You may be curious about how much it will cost to remove the window tint from your car. The cost of removing window tint varies depending on the vehicle. However, the average window tint removal costs $60 for each side window and $85 to remove the tint from the rear or windshield.

Replacing Your Film

Most people plan to replace their old film with a higher-quality, newer version. Once you get used to tinted windows, it’s hard to go back.

M Tint offers window tinting services, including professional installation. There is a wide selection of films available.

M Tint can help if your current car window tint needs to be upgraded or needs repair. Our team can help you choose the right film to suit your needs and preferences before installing it in a way that looks good and lasts (unlike previous solutions).

Select the Top Window Tinting Company in California

M Tint offers expert services for removing your old car window tint or installing new high-quality film. For more information about M Tint’s reputation as California’s leading window tinting service and a free estimate on your project, Contact us at (818) 296-5328 now!

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