How Much Does Window Tinting Cost? A Complete Pricing Guide

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Want to know if you are paying too much for your tinted car?

The cost of window tinting can vary. The cost of tinting windows in 2024 will depend on a number of factors.

There are eight factors which affect the price of a product.

  • Types of Automobile
  • Window tint brands
  • Type and material of window tint
  • Number of Windows
  • The size and complexity of Windows
  • What kind of business tints your car? Prices will vary depending on whether you are using a professional tint shop or a mobile tinter.
  • The location of your window tinter.
  • Do you do it yourself?

It can be difficult to choose the right brand and material while considering price. It’s best to have your windows tinted professionally by a window tinter, rather than worrying about the regulations and spending time on it yourself.

This article will help you understand the price of tint in 2024.

Average Window Tinting Costs By Vehicle Type

We conducted some market research and surveyed the community in order to determine the typical cost for window tinting based on the type of vehicle. You can expect to spend between $99 and $850* on average to tint your entire car. We’ll break down each price range so you can see how much window tinting costs for your specific car.

Sedans (4 Door Car)

You can expect to spend between $50* and $250* on all seven windows of your car (2 front, 2 back, 2 quarter windows, rear, etc.) if you select an affordable tint such as Carbon Tint. Our affordable carbon tint is Rayno MonoCarbon.

You can expect to spend between $100* and $650* on higher-end tints like ceramic. Rayno Phantom S9 or Phantom S7 are available, as well as Phantom S5. We also offer our high-performance Nano Carbon Ceramic Tint. We offer Rayno Platinum Air 7900 for drivers who prefer a lighter tint or want to tint their front windshields.


Expect to pay more for a coupe with steep or curved rear windows. This is because these windows are harder to tint and therefore cost more. Estimated costs for tinting two-door cars (with five windows) range between $120 and $450*.


Expect to pay approximately $350* to tint your windows for pickup trucks. It is important to consider the size of your truck because it will require more time and effort. If you choose to tint your slider windows, the price will go up.


The price of SUVs will be affected by the fact that they have more windows. Window tinting for SUVs will cost between $250 and $750*.

Prices vary depending on the film, shop, and location. To get an exact price for your vehicle, please contact your nearest dealer.

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Tesla Window Tinting Cost

The cost of tinting your Tesla will vary depending on the model you have and how many windows you would like to tint. Tesla owners in different parts of the country have mentioned prices that are vastly different. You can expect Tesla tint prices to range from $250 – $835 for an all-around tint.

To protect yourself and your Tesla (Model S or Model Y), you must have full 360-degree protection. You can choose not to tint the roof if you want to save money.

Cost of Tint Jobs by Type of Film

The cost of a high-quality ceramic tint can be significantly different from a dyed option that is more affordable. The average cost of a film will vary depending on the type of materials and technology that are used. The three types of auto window film are described in detail, along with their unique advantages.

Cost of Ceramic Window Tint

The ceramic window film is of the highest quality since it does not contain metal or dye. This tint is made up of ceramic particles, which are non-metallic as well as non-conductive. This film does not block the cell signals needed by phones, GPS, and radios. Ceramic window tint, however, is the most costly because it requires advanced technology to make. Ceramic tints can cost between $350 and $850.

Rayno’s new hybrid film is a combination of ceramic and carbon. Rayno Ghost contains nano carbon-ceramic to stabilize the color and improve durability, heat rejection, and visibility.

Cost of Dyed Window Tint

The most affordable tint for car windows is dyed window tint. In the production process, a dye is added to a thin layer of adhesive and then applied to the windows. The UV rays of the sun will cause the dye in tints to fade more quickly. Over time, your tint may turn brown or purple.

The cost of dyed window tint is low because it doesn’t use any technology to enhance its performance. Due to its low performance and durability and the common bubbling issues, ceramic window tint is replaced more often than dyed tint. Expect to pay anywhere between $99 and $350 for tinted window film.

Cost of Carbon Window Tint

The carbon tint is made up of particles that block infrared radiation very effectively. Carbon helps to keep interiors cool. Films dyed with pigments will fade faster than the film. The carbon film does not contain any metal so it is safe to use. The carbon film can cause glare, haze and make it hard to see outside of your car. Carbon tinted films are more expensive than dyed ones. Ceramic tint costs between $150 and $450.

Rayno has recently developed a new type carbon tint containing nano-sized carbon particles. Rayno MonoCarbon has a 2 ply true carbon film with a concentrated coating layer. The film is clearer than other carbon films. It also has a gorgeous black color. This product is also more affordable than Rayno’s Phantom Series film.

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Other Window Tinting Cost Factors

Other factors will affect the price of having your windows tinted professionally. When calculating cost, there are several other factors to consider.

The Number and Complexity Of Windows

How much it will cost you depends on the number of windows, their size and type. Some windows are more difficult to tint than others. Even experienced tinters might need more time to complete the task. VW Beetle Corvette Z06 and Audi A8 are some of the cars that have complex windows.


The warranty is another important factor. Rayno Phantom has a warranty that lasts a lifetime, but other films have a warranty period of a few months.

Locations and Laws

The cost of tint can vary dramatically depending on where you live and the state in which you are located. Areas with high demand for tint may charge higher prices. You might get a better deal if there’s more competition. Get quotes from three different places to compare pricing and options. Some states also have strict laws about the VLT% that you can use on your windows. This can limit your options. You can also read our article which shows the tint law by state to ensure you are compliant with local laws. You can read the tint laws of California, Virginia, and Georgia. Also Florida, Texas, and North Carolina. Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio.

Do You Have the Ability to Save Money by DIY?

It may be more cost-effective to buy a DIY tinting kit and install it yourself, but you should consider a few things.

To apply a DIY tint, you will need specific tools and knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had experience detailing cars, you may not be able to apply the tint well. You must ensure that any modifications you make to your vehicle are within the limits of your state before you use DIY tinting kits. There’s also a higher chance that your tint will bubble up and you’ll have to start the tinting process again.

By visiting a window tinting shop, you can avoid the legal issues, the frustrations of tinting your windows, and the additional cost of purchasing a new tinting kit.

Find Window Tinting Prices Nearby

You can find out more about the cost of window tinting by visiting a local tint shop. Our tint shop is located in California. This allows you to know the prices of window tint near you. M Tint offers a variety of tints that will fit your budget and needs.

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